Jala Test School


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Project overview

What happened during the project?

What changed for the students?

Test Paragraph

Q&A with the School Principal

The use of Samsung Technology

Samsung Technology

The partnership with Samsung Electronics Australia enabled Wallarano leadership to provide teachers and students with access to a range of cutting-edge digital technologies, including Galaxy Books, Samsung phones and headsets, Gear 360 cameras and Samsung FLIP digital flipcharts. The FLIP has been an essential asset to the everyday classroom, facilitating collaboration for students and teachers alike. The Samsung phones and headsets provided an engaging way to discover the world of virtual reality technology, allowing students to explore all corners of the world without having to leave the classroom – a great advantage for a school where they may otherwise lack access.

New technologies present challenges and require staff training. This was usually accomplished by letting one teacher explore the new technology first in their teaching space before the students were introduced to it. They could then share the equipment and their learnings with other staff members.

Having Samsung technology has created opportunities for greater student engagement. Samsung has provided students with technology that they otherwise would not have access to, allowing our students the same benefits that children from advantaged schools have. It has assisted by levelling the learning environment; students can now use modern technology to advance their opportunities in the future.



Social Ventures Australia acknowledges the generous support of Samsung Electronics Australia as major corporate partner and technology partner of the SVA Bright Spots Schools Connection.